Nigella Lawson's scones. Twitter
Nigella Lawson's scones. Twitter

Nigella's scones get creamed on Twitter

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Oct 8, 2018

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We all have our preferences, but when it comes to eating scones in Britain there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

Kitchen Goddess Nigella Lawson has been criticised for tweeting a picture of a scone that is first topped with cream and then with jam.

Has she broken the unspoken rule of scones, first you spread your jam on the scone and then you add your cream?

The picture has quite a few people in their feelings.

One of Nigella's critics includes British actress Dawn French, who politely tweeted the TV chef to point out that her scones toppings are incorrect.

Nigella responded by tweeting to French: "I bow to your Cornishness and general fabulosity, and send adoring love, but I am not a believer in constraining rules: we all take our pleasures when and how we can."

It might not be the classic way to top your scones, but if maybe Nigella thought that drizzling the jam over the cream would make for a more eye-catching picture.

Either way, her scones definitely got everyone's attention.

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