The ANC Top 6 cutting the cake at the celebration in Kimberly, Northern Cape. Pictures: Facebook
The ANC Top 6 cutting the cake at the celebration in Kimberly, Northern Cape. Pictures: Facebook

Once again, the ANC birthday cakes were an eyesore

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Jan 9, 2020

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January 8 has proven to be a day where my foodie senses are deeply bothered and it's for a really petty (but valid) reason.

The cakes the African National Congress (ANC) celebrates the anniversary of the formation of the party are an eyesore. 

I wrote in 2018 on how there was no excuse that in the age of shows like The Great South African Bake Off and the Great British Bake Off, airing in South Africa, that the ANC was hiring people to bake celebration cakes that looked sub-par and aesthetically unappealing. 

Last year brought us a change. The cakes in 2019 were much better and it appeared that they had hired better skilled bakers who produced decent-looking cakes.

The cakes are a big part of celebrating the party and their yearly milestone. It's an occasion where the national structure and their branches, throw parties and celebratory gatherings to mark the event and speak about the direction of the political party. 

Every year we see the most prominent members of the party cutting the cake, which is normally as large as a table. 

Well, this year they seem to have gone back to their old bakers, judging by how terrible the cakes look. 

What happened to this cake that the piping looks like it's melting?
Oh NO!
That black icing not necessary. Come on. It ruined a cake that had the most potential to look pretty.
Was there no budget for them to make flowers using fondant?
Are we too hard on the ANC and their celebratory cakes? It appears so, when seeing the comments of many ANC members. 

I came across a post on Facebook, where KZN based ANC member, defended the cakes.

"Some of the ANC cake bakers offer to us out of the goodness of their hearts at no cost. Others are baked by bakers who still need to develop their craft.

"Look if we don't give them the chance to improve and gain confidence who do we expect to. Well done to all regions for allowing all bakers big and small to be part of the Joy's of today. The ANC turns 108 we all have to enjoy this day in many ways reflective of our diversity as members and supporters....Looking forward to more cakes next year." 

This is not too bad, so maybe they are trying to do better?
We hope that they somehow make sure that the bakers they choose and the cakes they accept, will be better next year. 

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