Orderin, has teamed up with transportation network company, Taxify
Food delivery service, Orderin, has teamed up with transportation network company, Taxify, to expand and grow their customer base in South Africa.

The partnership will offer incentives to customers and additional earning power to Taxify drivers.

“It all comes down to scale, with more scale we can offer greater efficiency to our customers and reduce our prices - even further. The collaboration will be promoted through social media, in car and in app. Discount coupon codes will be offered to first time OrderIn and Taxify users and ongoing exclusive incentives will be made available to regular customers”, said Chief Executive Officer and founder of Orderin, Dinesh Patel.

Asked how orderin is different from other delivery services, Patel said most of the restaurants on their app are priced the same as in store. If they do add a mark-up, they let their customers know.

“All other apps mark-up the pricing significantly without letting you know. Another differentiator is that 100% of the delivery fee and tip goes to our drivers - none of our competitors do that. And even though we charge R10 delivery fee, which is the lowest in the country, we also top our drivers up with additional incentives. We’re also the only app to offer businesses the ability to save up to 45% on all work meals, via our B2B solution. But those are tangible differences; what’s more important to us is our customer. 

"We’ve focused and invested every rand into the user experience and as a result have built significant loyalty with our customers, who’ve helped us grow mostly via word of mouth. We are now at a point where we’re investing heavily into upgrading our platforms and our customers can look forward to some major improvements in the coming months. Our focus remains squarely on delivering the best experience, repeatedly, while being transparent with our pricing, and ensuring we uplift our communities by supporting our driver partners”, he said.

Operations Manager for Taxify, Sinako Cetyiwe said they are continuously on the look-out for innovative ways to incentivise their drivers and grow their customer base in local markets and the partnership with OrderIn was a logical next step for them.

“Our focus as a company has always been to provide our drivers with higher revenue-per-ride. We strongly believe that a happy driver means a happy rider. With this in mind, we seek strategic relationships that not only benefit our customers, but also boost the earning power of our drivers. The partnership with OrderIn offers just that. We’re looking forward to a long-term relationship with Dinesh and his team”, said Cetyiwe.