Vegetable platter with nam phrik kapi. Creative Commons

Plants creatively incorporated into dishes is a real hit this year. You'll find that the kale craze is dying down, but is in no way out the door yet – it's still a popular ingredient to include in smoothies and salads. Your guests can leave their cutlery at the sides of their plates, relaxing the atmosphere of the whole event – perfect for occasions where you're surrounded by friends and family.

Get the best out of your harvest - Pixabay

Tips for an irresistible plant-based party platter 

  • Keep it seasonal – You’ll find the freshest, most nutrient dense (not to mention more affordable) ingredients when you buy what’s in season. 
  • Make your platters colourful, fill them with natural beautiful foods! The more colours, the more nutritious and aesthetically pleasing your platter will be.
  • Be flexible – As with all dinner entertainment, you’ll have to consider everyone’s eating preferences and allergies, the great thing about a plant-based platter is usually everyone can partake! When using cheese boards, keep a vegan cheese recipe up your sleeve if you’d like and to side-step gluten sensitivities, my favourite cracker replacement are baked plantain chips that are so easy to make. Alternatively, any chips you make or buy will also be great. Instead of going all out and getting something for everyone, finding the common ground will be a money- and time-saver.
  • The dip – people love dip. Fact — raw veggies are great and all, but they’re even better when they have an amazing dip to dunk with. 
  • Location, Location, Location – Fight the urge to keep one of each veggie clumped together in one place. Mix them up for easier grabbing, it’s more visually appealing that way too!

Have fun! – Get inspired, and the more you practice the more amazing your platters will get.