Lutho Pasiya had a chat with chef duo sisters and cookbook authors, Zainab and Faatimah Paruk about Ramadaan.

Catering queens who release their own inspired cookbooks, sisters Faatimah and Zainab Paruk are rising stars worth getting to know.

The talented chefs are known as the Chilli Chocolate Chefs, a company they launched in 2009. The company has made waves and continues to do so on the Durban culinary scene, both corporate and festive.

The sisters are graduates of two of South Africa's renowned chef schools; the Christina Martin Culinary Arts Centre and The Fusion Cooking School. They are observing the Holy month of Ramadaan, a month of fasting, reflection and prayer.

Tell us a little more about the meals at Sunrise and Sunset?

Suhoor or Sehri (Early Breakfast) Is an Arabic word which refers to the meal eaten early in the morning, before sunrise. Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so is Suhoor in Ramadaan. It helps our bodies stay hydrated and refuelled with energy and nutrients until the next meal, which will be at sunset.

Suhoor should be a healthy meal to provide much-needed energy throughout the day of fasting. Common Suhoor foods include oats, eggs, porridge, cereals, fruit, bread, milk and dates. Due to the slow energy release of dates, it's excellent to include them in your Suhoor meal. You will also find people who have a preference for eating full meals like rice and curry. Smoothies are becoming increasingly popular to drink at Suhoor.

Iftar (Dinner) is an Arabic word which means to "break fast" and refers to the meal that's eaten at sunset. It is traditional to break your fast with dates and water. Apart from being a religious recommendation, there is also great reasoning behind this as dates contain countless nutrients and health benefits such as relieving constipation and reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Water helps maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and replenishes what was lost during the day.

During Iftar, numerous types of snacks and savouries are prepared. Often, we are inclined to indulge in heavier and richer foods than we normally eat, which can lead to us feeling tired and sluggish. Common Iftar foods include: Samoosas, Pies, Haleem and Naan bread, as well as rice dishes.