Chocolate cake in a mug for when you just can't wait to satisfy your sweet tooth. Picture: Flickr.
Chocolate cake in a mug for when you just can't wait to satisfy your sweet tooth. Picture: Flickr.

3 seriously easy microwave-only recipes

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published May 15, 2020

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Did you know you can cook an entire dish in your microwave? And the best part is, it only takes a few minutes.

While we’ve been under lockdown, it seems that everyone has morphed into talented home chefs with culinary abilities most of us have only ever witnessed on TV shows like "MasterChef" and "Chopped". 

While that might be a slight exaggeration, for those of us who are still finding our bearings in the kitchen (and figuring out where the pots are kept), it sure does feel that way.

From creamy pasta to moist chocolate cake, these microwave recipes are perfect for satisfying those sudden hunger pangs and they’re so fool proof, you’ll be whipping up meals in no time… even if cooking isn’t really your thing.

Three easy-peasy microwave-only recipes:

Chocolate cake in a mug by

Who doesn’t love a rich chocolate cake eaten warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? 


3 tbsp flour
2 tbsp cocoa powder
⅛ tsp baking powder
Pinch baking soda
1 ½ tbsp melted butter
2 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp milk
A few chocolate chips or chocolate chunks


Combine all ingredients into one mug and stir until combined then microwave at 850/900 power for 2 minutes and you’re done. Top with melted chocolate, whipped cream or fresh fruit for a delicious finish. 

Mac and cheese by @renosappliance

Everyone’s favourite childhood meal that’s followed us into adulthood - you really can’t go wrong with this comfort food.


½ cup macaroni
½ cup water
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ cup milk
¼ to ½ cup shredded cheese


Add the pasta, water, and salt to a microwave-safe bowl.
Microwave the pasta for 2 minutes then stir.
Continue microwaving in 2-minute intervals until the pasta is cooked.
Stir the milk and cheese into the pasta.
Microwave in 30-second intervals to melt the cheese.

Poached eggs by @memoir_mug

If you haven't mastered the swift art of releasing an egg into boiling water so that it cooks into a perfectly tender ball with a soft yolk this microwave hack is for you. 


1 Egg
⅓ Cup Cold Water
Salt To Taste
Black Pepper To Taste


Take a microwave-safe mug. Add ⅓ cup of cold water in it. 
Use a sharp knife tip, toothpick or fork prick the egg yolk to prevent from exploding. 
Place a saucer or microwave-safe plate over the mug. 
Microwave it for 30 seconds, then check if the egg white is cooked properly or not. If it is still runny, cook it on 10 seconds increments until it is done properly. 
Wait for 30 seconds to prevent from burning your hands and then remove the egg from the water using a slotted spoon on a serving plate.
Sprinkle salt and black pepper and enjoy.

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