Rosemary. Picture: Supplied
Rosemary. Picture: Supplied

4 ways to heighten the flavour of your alcoholic drink using herbs and spices

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jun 8, 2020

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Whether it is fresh basil sprinkled over a chicken dish or black pepper over potato wedges, fresh herbs and spices can upgrade any basic dish to be more flavourful. It’s the same with drinks.

If you want to learn how to infuse fresh ingredients with your favourite spirit, below is how you can go about it. We went to find the answers and got them from Vinepair who have details on how you can go about infusing your alcohol using herbs and spices.

Rosemary. Picture: Supplied


Rosemary is a zesty, aromatic spice that’s often used in steak and poultry recipes. Because rosemary packs a savoury punch, it rounds out well in sweeter, citrus-based cocktails. Rosemary goes great in a vodka lemonade. In a large pitcher, combine three cups of club soda, half a cup of lemon juice, half a cup vodka, half a cup sugar, ice, and six sprigs of rosemary. Stir, and allow the lemonade to chill in the fridge for ten minutes before serving.


Tarragon has hints of licorice and anise. While commonly used with gin, it’s also great with the molasses tang of golden rum. In a wide glass, muddle blackberries with a spoonful of simple syrup, then add a large ice cube, fill half the glass with golden rum, then top with root beer and two sprigs of tarragon. Wait thirty seconds for the tarragon to set before drinking.

Black pepper. Picture: Supplied

Black pepper

With mulled wine, of course. Simply add a teaspoon to your favorite mulled wine recipe. Don’t worry, that small amount is not enough to send you sneezing between sips.


Boil a cup of milk with a few cardamom pods and ground cinnamon. Wait until the mixture is steaming before pouring it in a mug over a Chai bag. Add two spoonfuls of bourbon and mix.

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