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Today is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day. Often a sweet indulgence, pancakes don't have to be covered in syrup. This recipe is a great example of a spinach pancake that is light and fluffy and not going to make you feel guilty with each bite.

You can choose your toppings according to your taste


For the pancake mix

3 eggs 

50 g spinach 

4 tbsp oats 

1 tbsp buckwheat flour/brown rice flour 

25 ml almond milk  

A pinch of mixed herbs 

A pinch of chilli  

A pinch of salt and pepper  

Topping of your choice: 





Put all the pancake mix ingredients into a blender. Blend together. 

Slice toppings and fry on a low to medium heat. Pour the pancake mixture into a pan and fry.

Serve your pancake and add your toppings. Finish with a drizzle of tahini and chilli flakes

Sophie Conran for Portmeirion (https://www.sophieconran.com)