The Republik 5.0 Burger PICTURE: Supplied
Voted as one of the best burger spots in Durban, Umhlanga’s Republik will be having an all new burger on the menu to celebrate burger day: a 180g free range beef burger, on a signature Republik brioche bun, topped with a deep fried, panko-crumbed (half round) of Camembert, and a house made tomato and chilli chutney, finished with wild rocket and served with a side of signature shoe string fries specifically made for the National Burger Day.
Matt Richardson, owner of Republik said.
“We are purists at heart and firmly believe that the best burger is simply made up of fresh brioche bun, a little bit of a cream cheese roll basting (instead of butter), free range beef patty, a lick of barbecue basting sauce and fresh greens, in our case wild rocket. There is just not much that can beat that. We are a restaurant driven by sustainability and artisanal produce.”

The Republik 5.0 Burger

10g basil pesto
4 tbs cream cheese
150g beef mince (80/20 split)
15g white onion
5g salt
5g white pepper
5g mixed herbs
1 jalapeño pepper
1 cup stout beer
2 rashers bacon
A generous squeeze of maple syrup
2 egg yolks
5g dijon mustard
5g garlic
pinch of salt
50g coriander
25g parsley
10g mint
olive oil 
bunch of wild rocket

Add basil pesto to cream cheese and mix thoroughly until the desired consistency is achieved.
Add the ingredients of “your favourite beef patty recipe” or use the above mentioned ingredients (beef mince, white onion, salt, white pepper, mixed herbs) into a mixing bowl and mix through, to ensure all ingredients are mixed properly and leave to rest. Ensure that you use quality free range mince with a minimum meat to fat ratio of atleast 80/20 as the fat will act as a binding agent to a degree and ensure maximum flavour.
Chop jalapeño into chunks, in a bowl soak in stout for 30min.
Fry up bacon until crispy, once crispy cover in maple syrup and leave to cool. Once cooled and covered fry up again before plating to caramelise the bacon.
Blend the two egg yolks with mustard, garlic, salt, coriander, parsley, mint.
Once all ingredients are mixed in, blend on low speed while slowly adding olive oil into the mixture until you achieve the consistency of a mayonnaise.
Lightly toast the brioche bun, and spread cream cheese onto the base part of the roll. 
Add the now cooked beef patty onto the bun and top with your stout soaked jalapeno’s, candied bacon and a scoop of Chimi-churi mayo, finish with rocket and serve.