YSWARA is an African company that produces exceptional artisan-made gourmet teas - pic supplied

Tea is loved by millions and has been a treasured beverage for centuries. 

Gourmet tea is popular and on trend at the moment which is why I spoke to YSWARA’s General Manager, Charlene Jordaan about their selection of teas and how they can be enjoyed. 

YSWARA is an African company that produces exceptional artisan-made gourmet teas. It transforms local African teas and indigenous ingredients into beautiful packaged propriety teas and teatime accessories that are retailed globally to premium retailers, hotels, restaurants, spas as well as corporate gifting and event companies. 

Jordaan said at Yswara they offer all types of teas (Pu-her, black, green, oolong and herbal teas): “All our teas are unique and special, but I must say, that our expertise lie with the unique blends that we create and the sourcing of African ingredients across the continent and packaging them beautifully.”

She adds: “All our teas are sourced in Africa and our ingredients for our blends are predominantly sources from the African continent. Only if a specific ingredient is not available within Africa or does not grow in Africa’s climate conditions, will it be source from elsewhere in the world, but these ingredients then form a very small part of the blend. “

The tea journey

Sourcing is very important says Jordaan: “We buy raw materials from growers, farmers and tea estates which we then blend and package in our signature packaging at L'ATELIER YSWARA in Maboneng, Johannesburg.”

All the teas are created by the founder Swaady Martin and inspired by African stories; the ingredients are blended according to a recipe that specifies specific quantities and rations. 

“It is International Tea Day every day at Yswara. We love tea and celebrate this magic brew in all we do. It is our passion. It is an important celebration day for Yswara and the fundamentals of this day fall in line with the ethos of the company which is agro-beneficiation, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to contribute to this”, said Jordaan.