The farm stall has a wonderful warm ambience, where guest can enjoy a cup of coffee.
Terra Madre is a small family farm run by Chef Nicole Precoudis who, with her Greek parents Koula and Chris owned restaurants in Johannesburg and moved to Elgin to fulfil  her dream of farming organic food.

The focus is on farming apples, olives & vegetables. 
Terra Madre supplies fresh (picked the same day) organically grown vegetables direct to the public throughout the Western Cape via their online store.

We spent the afternoon at the farm and with the assistance of one of the experienced gardeners, we harvested our own vegetables, which were then washed and packed for us to take home.  Our 4-year old daughters, had great fun running around the farm picking their own vegetables.

In true Greek hospitality, Nicole and her parents insisted that we partake in sampling some of their traditional Greek delicacies. 
We were treated to a feast of fresh home-made tapas and dips of Aioli, Tzatziki, Taramasalata, Hummus, Baba Gaboush and Dolmades - all from The Terra Madre range of products. 

Pickles made from organic produce at Terra Madre.
They also prepare ready-made homemade meals for delivery - convenience food without the preservatives and other bad things associated with pre-prepared meals.

Their Apple and pear juices are heavenly - cold pressed using 50 barr of pressure, they only use the best export quality fruit that they freeze on the day of pressing. There is no sugar or preservatives added and are delivered frozen - ensuring that you are getting the absolute best quality fresh juice - the next best thing to pressing it at home.

We ended the afternoon with a cup of freshly ground Truth coffee and a slice of home-made cake.

My only regret was that I was too full to be able to try the freshly baked Spanakopita, which is one of my all-time favourite Greek specialities.

Products on display at Terra Madre.
Terre Madre’s fresh offerings are available online , at the Noordhoek Food Barn and at The Olive Branch in the Wellness centre, Kloof street.

My suggestion is that if you are going to spend a weekend in the Elgin Valley (or surrounding areas) at a self-catering establishment, go online a few days before and arrange for them to deliver to your guesthouse the day that you arrive - and you won’t have to spend time packing food for the weekend, plus you are guaranteed to be eating fresh, organic produce.
In summer they include picnic baskets and braai packs (their meat is from animals reared with integrity and not use of growth hormones).