Crème Egg Cocktail. Pic from

Food and Beverage Manager at Royal Palm Hotel, Raven Naicker is thinking out of the box this Easter with his take on a crème egg cocktail inspired by his favourite sweet choice during the chocolaty season!

Naicker says: “Easter has emerged into an occasion where children are gifted with chocolate eggs and bunnies and hunt for the Easter bunny before taking part in a lunch of traditional food dishes that are usually the same year on year. This year, add a little pizzazz to the mundane and add in a dessert with a difference- for the adults only.”

Here is what you need to make one or two glasses:


¼ cup (30ml) vanilla infused vodka

1/3 cup condensed milk

8 blocks of ice for the glass

250ml cold milk

½ cup ice (crushed)

2 tbsp. Crème de Cacao White

Slab of milk chocolate

2 small Cadbury crème eggs, (split in half)


It is optional to melt the chocolate and dip the rim of each martini glass in the chocolate.

Chill martini glasses.

Combine 30ml vodka and 2 tbsp. condensed milk in a jug. Pour into the base of the glasses.

Add about 4 blocks of ice to each.

Place milk, ½ cup of crushed ice, and 2 tbsp condensed milk, vodka and crème de cacao in a cocktail shaker. Shake well or use a blender, then carefully strain/pour over the ice in the glasses.

Grate over extra chocolate and top with a crème egg each.