Festive Marshmallow Croquembouche. Picture: Sunel Hassbroek/Pick n Pay
Festive Marshmallow Croquembouche 

Festive Marshmallow Croquembouche. Picture: Sunel Hassbroek/Pick n Pay

Roll up poster paper in a cone shape and secure with cellotape, and trip the bottom edge to level.  
Cover with silver foil.
Brush the silver foil with melted chocolate a bit at a time.
Attach the marshmallows to the melted chocolate – secure with a toothpick until the chocolate has set and the marshmallow sticks – then remove the toothpicks.
Build from the bottom up so that they can rest on each other.
Drizzle with more melted chocolate
Use a blow torch to scorch some of the mallows
Fill gaps with fresh strawberries and berries- which may need to be secured with toothpicks
Make nut brittle – break into shards and add (see recipe below)
Dust with edible gold dust.

200g white sugar
100g walnuts, broken roughly

Melt the sugar in a large pan without stirring until the edges start to caramelize
Start stirring the unmelted sugar into the melted with a wooden spoon, breaking up any lumps 
By the time the sugar is all melted and all the lumps broken up and melted, the sugar would be beautifully caramelized

Lightly oil a baking tray and spread the nuts in a single layer
Pour the caramelized sugar over the nuts to spread thinly like a pane of glass
Allow to set completely then break into shards.

Recipe provided by Pick n Pay