Kyle Arnold's Madia Burfi

Kyle Arnold is a student chef with Fusion Cooking School and he is one of the finalists in Hirsch's Head Chef competition, which takes place on October 2017. 

1 tablespoon cashews
1 tablespoon ghee
½ cup flour
 ¼ cup ghee
1 cup sugar
¾ cup water

Cook the cashews in a pan with 1 tablespoon of ghee until they are brown , when brown remove and set aside.
Add the flour and the rest of the ghee into a pan and cook until brown making sure the flour is cooked out and there is a nutty smell coming from the pan once you have this remove and set
In another pot mix the sugar and the water and cook making sure you are stirring the mixture , making sure that it is not burning on the sides. When it is starting to brown take some of the
mixture and put it in between your fingers and pull apart if the mixture becomes stringy when pulled it is ready.
Now add the flour and the nuts to the sugar mixture and cook on low for 5 minutes, then spread out into a well greased tray and allow to cool for ten minutes. 
When the mixture is cool cut it into  desired shape and enjoy.