Angus Beef & Oysters with Charred Asparagus & Bone Marrow ‘Hollandaise’
Angus Beef & Oysters with Charred Asparagus & Bone Marrow ‘Hollandaise’

How to make Vuzumuzi Ndlovu's Angus beef & oysters

By IOL Food and Drink Time of article published Apr 10, 2018

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Angus beef short-rib
500g beef short rib, bone on


70g olive oil

100g salted butter

50g beef jus


Set sous vide bath to 56ºC. Bring beef to room temperature (30 minutes). Once beef has tempered to room temperature, season well and seal in a vacuum pack machine on full pressure. Cook meat sous vide for 72 hours. Once cooked, remove from the bath and rest at room temperature for at least 20 minutes, then chill in ice water. Once chilled remove the bone and portion meat into desired shape and size.

Shaved oysters:

12 live oysters

150ml yuzu juice

Set a combi steamer oven to 65ºC. Shuck oysters carefully and place in the yuzu juice. Pour oysters and juice into a vacuum sealable bag and seal on full pressure. Place bag in the steamer and steam for 45 minutes. Once cooked, chill immediately and reserve for service.

Bone marrow “hollandaise”:

300ml rendered bone marrow

2 egg yolks


Lemon juice

Bring bone marrow fat to room temperature. Using a double boiler, cook egg yolks until they are light in colour and thick in body. While whisking egg yolks, slowly drizzle in bone marrow fat until all the fat is fully emulsified. Add a little water if necessary. Finish the hollandaise with some lemon juice and season to taste.

Chill immediately and reserve for service in a piping bag.

Charred asparagus:

20 large asparagus spears

200g young pine needles

100ml olive oil


Set up a grill, which needs to be very hot. Clean the asparagus spears and cut off the woody end. Brush with olive oil and season well. Working quickly, place the pine needles and prepared asparagus spears on the grill. Turn continuously until the asparagus is charred and cooked. Once cooked, discard the pine needles and keep the asparagus in a warm place.

Shaved asparagus:

5 large asparagus spears

2 tsp yuzu juice

4tsp olive oil

Shave the asparagus thinly and reserve. Mix yuzu and olive, set aside until service.

Pine oil dressing:

200g young tender pine needles

50g baby spinach

200g canola oil

30g white balsamic vinegar


Warm the pine needles in a pan until fragrant.

Place the warmed pine needles in a blender along with the spinach and canola oil, blend on high speed for 8 minutes.

The mixture should be dark green in colour. Strain the oil using an oil filter or muslin cloth, split the oil with the vinegar and season. Reserve for service.

Seaweed and pine nut crumb:

2 sheets of nori seaweed

40g furikake

80g toasted pine nuts

Place all the ingredients in a blender or spice grinder and blend until coarse. Reserve.


Dried seaweed

Small nasturtium leaves

To Assemble

Warm short rib in the measured amount of beef jus and, at the same time, warm the charred asparagus in the oven.

On a warm plate, arrange the charred asparagus randomly. Pipe the bone marrow around the asparagus and arrange the meat in-between the asparagus. Working quickly, dress the shaved asparagus, roll it and place around the meat.

Slice the oyster and place 3 to 5 slices on a plate. Dress the plate with 1 tablespoon of pine oil dressing, followed by some garnish.

Finish with a few crumbs on the beef.

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