Delicious chocolate brownies prepared by JSomething. PICTURE: Supplied

Delicious chocolate brownies prepared by J'Something from South African house music group Mi Casa.

The castle chocolate milk stout adds an amazing flavour component to these brownies, which are strictly for the grown-ups! - said J'Something.

See recipe below for those who would like to try them at home.

Ingredients: Brownies

- ¼ cup vegetable oil

- 2 ¼ cups brown sugar

- 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

- ½ cup castle milk stout chocolate infused

- 2 large Eggs

- 1 ¼ cups Flour

- ¾ cup Cocoa Powder

- 1 cup Macadamia Nuts, roughly chopped

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Ingredients: Ganache

- 100g white or caramel chocolate chips

- 4 tablespoon peanut butter (caramel peanut butter is the best)

- 1 tablespoon butter

- 1 teaspoon caramel essence

- 2 tablespoon castle milk stout chocolate infused

- 1 tablespoon icing sugar

- 2 heaped tablespoons of heavy cream

Instructions: Brownies

1. Preheat oven to 180°C and grease a square baking tray that's about 22cm x 22cm in size.

2. Mix oil, Castle Milk Stout, sugar and vanilla essence together in a bowl.

3. Once combined mix in 1 egg at a time then add flour and cocoa and whisk until smooth.

4. Add the macadamia nuts and stir through. Pour mixture into your greased baking tray.

5. Bake for 25 minutes - it needs to pull away from the sides of the baking tray but be a little undercooked in the middle.

6. Cool for 10 minutes and remove by tipping over onto a cooling rack.

7. Cut into squares and allow to cool through.

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Instructions: Ganache

1. Place a glass bowl over a pot of simmering water, making sure the water doesn't touch the bowl.

2. Add the chocolate chips, peanut butter, butter, caramel essence, castle milk stout and icing sugar to the glass bowl sitting over the pot of simmering water and stir until mixture is melted, smooth and glossy.

3. Take the bowl off the heat and fold in the cream.

4. Smooth ganache onto brownies before it gets too cold or sets.

Serves 6 to 8