200g chicken breast

10ml balsamic vinegar

2g salt

2g crushed black pepper

1 sprig thyme

2g crushed garlic

5ml olive oil

40g slice Brinjal

20g cherry tomatoes

2 slices whole wheat bread

10g butter

15g rocket


Marinade chicken breast for +/- 2-3 hours in balsamic vinegar, seasoning, thyme, crushed garlic and olive oil.

In an oven tray place sliced brinjal, whole cherry tomatoes & chicken breast and grill in a preheated oven for 20 minutes.

Once the chicken breast is cooked remove from the tray and allow cooling before slicing.

Once sliced add it back to the roasted vegetables and mix well so all the juices mix along with the chicken and vegetables.

Butter your bread and place chicken and vegetable mixture onto it.

Add your washed lettuce and close with the other slice of buttered bread.

Once done, wrap with cling wrap and pack it up for lunch in a few hours.