Pic: The President Hotel


400 g Fresh Kingklip – diced

100 g Smoked salmon – slivers

200 g mashed potato – cold

30 g Spring onion – sliced

5 g Fresh garlic – finely chopped

5 g Fresh dill – finely chopped

10 g Fresh ginger-finely chopped

20 g Fresh coriander – chopped

1 eggs

Salt & pepper to taste

Seasoned flour, beaten egg & panko breadcrumbs


In a large mixing bowl, add your Kingklip, smoked salmon, fresh herbs, ginger, garlic & spring onions and mix well.

Add your mashed potato & beaten egg to bind the mixture to the correct consistency.

Season to taste with salt & pepper.

Form your mixture into 30 g - 50 g balls/rounds ready for crumbing.

Set mixture in the fridge/freezer for an hour to set before crumbing.

Dust fishcakes in seasoned flour, then beaten egg and finally panko breadcrumbs.

Cook in deep fryer till golden brown and cooked all the way through.

Thai Green Curry Sauce recipe

1 Onion – Finely sliced

2 Garlic cloves – chopped

2 cm Ginger – chopped

1 Lemongrass stalks

Knob of green curry paste

50 ml White wine

2 cans Coconut milk

20 g Fresh coriander

5 g Fresh basil

3 g Fresh mint leaves

1 Lime

Pic: The President Hotel


In a very hot pot, brown onions.

Once onions are browned, add garlic, ginger & lemongrass & continue to brown.

Add curry paste....getting good colour on the bottom of your pot.

De-glaze with white wine, reduce wine until syrupy.

Add coconut milk & simmer away until reduced by a third.

Take sauce off the heat & cool down.

Once cool, blend the sauce along with the fresh herbs (jug blender)

Strain sauce the conical strainer.

Season to taste with Salt, pepper & lime juice.

To assemble dish garnish with baby Asian greens, black and white sesame seeds and pickled ginger