Chickpea and Artichoke Tagine PICTURE: The Washington Post
This makes a lovely and inviting meatless meal; dried chickpeas really improve the overall texture of the final dish. Serve with rice.
The dried chickpeas need to be salt-soaked for 8 to 24 hours. You’ll need a 5l pressure cooker

Adapted from Pressure Cooker Perfection: 100 Foolproof Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook, by the editors of America’s Test Kitchen (R274 on Loot).

Chickpea and Artichoke Tagine (Serves 4-6)
2 tbsp kosher salt, plus more as needed
230g dried chickpeas, rinsed and picked over
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus more as needed
1 medium onion, cut in half and thinly sliced
Four 5cm-long strips lemon peel (little or no pith)
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbps sweet paprika
½ tbsp ground za’atar (may substitute ground cumin)
¼ tbsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tbsp ground cayenne pepper
2 tbsps flour
450g carrots (trimmed and scrubbed well), cut into
1cm coins
425g can no-salt-added diced tomatoes, preferably fire-roasted
3 cups no-salt-added vegetable broth
255g frozen artichoke hearts, defrosted and patted dry
½ cup pitted olives, each cut in half
Leaves from about 25 cilantro (dhanya) stems,
chopped (packed ½ cup)
Freshly ground black pepper

Dissolve the salt in a large mixing bowl filled with 4 quarts of water. Add the dried
chickpeas. Let sit for 8 to 24 hours, then drain and rinse.
Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in the pressure-cooker pot over medium heat.
Once the oil shimmers, stir in the onion;
cook for 5 minutes until just softened, then
stir in the strips of lemon peel, garlic, paprika,
za’atar, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.
Cook for 30 seconds, then stir in the flour, using a wooden spatula to dislodge any browned bits. Add the carrots, diced tomatoes and drained chickpeas, stirring to coat, then pour in the broth.
Lock the pressure-cooker lid in place.
Increase the heat to high; once the pot reaches HIGH pressure, reduce the heat to medium-low and cook for 25 minutes, adjusting the heat to maintain pressure, as needed. 
Remove the pot from the heat. 
Release the pressure, then carefully remove the lid.
Heat the remaining tablespoon of oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
Once the oil shimmers, add the artichokes and stir to coat. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes, until golden brown at the edges. 
Discard the strips of lemon peel from the vegetable stew mixture in the pot, then stir in the artichokes, olives and cilantro.
Taste and season lightly with more salt and black pepper, as needed.
Divide among individual bowls; drizzle each portion with oil.
Serve warm.

Washington Post