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As autumn draws to an end and the last of the bright, bold colours come out to play, get those creative juices flowing with a sweet, liberating and fiery treat.

This May, prepare an ‘Artist’s Special’ cocktail made with Monkey Shoulder whisky.

Scotland meets Spain in the super-inspiring Artist’s special, because it’s the perfect marriage of whisky & sherry, invented to keep Pigalle creative types happy in 1920’s Paris.


50ml Monkey shoulder

25ml Redcurrant Syrup

20ml Fresh Lemon juice

20ml Sherry (Amontillado)

15ml Soda Water


Add all ingredients except soda to shaker

Add fresh ice and shake it hard

Once shaken strain into glass

Add fresh ice to glass, leave space for soda

Top with soda and garnish


For a homemade redcurrant syrup, dissolve equal measures of water and castor sugar into a bowl. Mash up equal weight of redcurrants and add to the sugar syrup you just made. Let it sit for a few hours (or as long as you can handle!).

When you think it's tasty enough, strain it very well. If redcurrants are aren’t available then a combination of fresh raspberries and grenadine syrup does the trick.