Blood orange and pink grapefruit salad - UK Independent

Serves 4 as a side dish


2 blood oranges

1 pink grapefruit

4 handfuls of mixed greens such as radicchio, curly endive and oak leaf lettuce, about 200 g total

¼ of a large pomegranate

10 g dill


Juice from the blood oranges and grapefruit, about 4 tbsp

1 tbsp honey

4-5 tablespoons vegetable oil

Salt and pepper


Slice a bit off the stem end of the grapefruit and repeat on the opposite end. 

Stand the grapefruit up on a chopping board on one of the cut ends. Take a sharp knife – a serrated one works well – and following the contour of the fruit, slice off the skin and white pith.

Hold the fruit over a bowl so you capture all the juices. 

Take the knife and make ‘v’ shaped cuts to remove each individual segment. 

Place the segments in a separate bowl and repeat with the two blood oranges. 

Squeeze the remaining pith over the juice bowl to extract any remaining juice.

Mix the citrus juices with an equal amount of oil and add in honey to taste. Season generously with salt and pepper and set aside.

Cut the pomegranate open and remove the seeds. 

Depending on the size, you’ll want to use a quarter to a half of the total pomegranate. Remove all the pith from the seeds and set them aside.

Gently wash the lettuces in cold water and spin in a salad spinner. 

Keep the leaves whole unless they are very large. Arrange the lettuces in a salad bowl or platter. 

Garnish with the citrus segments, sprigs of dill and pomegranate seeds. Drizzle with the dressing and serve at once.