pic supplied

The mushrooms as mixed because that is how they are sold in supermarkets. 

It allows some flexibility and convenience. 

The Peppadew crew also increased the mushroom quantity to be more generous. This pasta serves 4 people but can also be shared for 6.


1 tbsp Olive Oil

500 g Chicken breast, cooked and cut into smallish cubes 1,5 cm by 1,5cm

2/4 tbsp English mustard

250 g mixed exotic mushrooms (e.g. Shimeji, Oysters and Portabellinis), sliced

1 tbsp Sour cream

4 Basil leaves

400 g Fettuccine pasta, cooked

400 g (1 Jar)  Peppadew® Piquanté Pepper and olive pasta sauce


In a pan heat the oil and brown the chicken breast

Add the mushrooms and English mustard

Add the Peppadew® piquanté pepper and olive sauce and sour cream

Add the cooked Fettuccini, mix well and serve with Parmesan cheese