Mango and chia seed pot. Picture: Supplied
Mango and chia seed pot. Picture: Supplied

RECIPE: Mango and chia seed breakfast pots

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Feb 24, 2021

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Whether you are a mango lover or in search of a breakfast option for busy mornings, this recipe for mango and chia seeds is an easy go-to. Mangoes, oats, chia seeds, and a few other ingredients are all you need.

As one of the world’s most popular fruits, mangoes are one of the best summer fruits as they contain many important ingredients that are beneficial to our health.

In an interview with IOL Lifestyle, nutritionist and spokesperson of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Isabel Maples said that as much as the taste of mangoes could create a delightful tropical experience and enjoyment for your taste buds, they also had many health benefits, leading to some people calling it a super fruit.

“Technically, the term “super fruits” has no standard definition but is frequently used in marketing. Certainly, though mangoes are an excellent choice for a healthier diet. And as a registered dietitian, I’d call them ’nutrient-rich’. One advantage of consuming more fruits and veggies, beyond just vitamins and minerals, is the extra fibre. More fibre supports bowel regularity but it also helps feed diversity in gut bacteria, which seems to influence our immune system, weight and long-term health,” she said.

Here’s how to make mango and chia seed breakfast pots.

Serves: 2


2 tbs black chia seeds

¼ cup rolled oats

1 cup almond milk

⅓ cup natural yoghurt or coconut yoghurt

2 mangoes, peeled and sliced

2 tbs toasted coconut flakes


Combine the oats and chia seeds in a bowl. Add the milk and stir to combine. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight.

Whizz one of the mangoes in a food processor until smooth, and divide between the two bowls, divide the chia and oat mixture between 2 bowls.

To serve, top each bowl with yoghurt, the diced mango, and coconut flakes.

Recipe by South African Mango Growers’ Association.

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