Good ol' scramble eggs
In tonight's episode of Siba's Table, it’s a kitchen clash between Siba and her super-chef friend Luke Dale Roberts. He sends her on a restaurant crawl to cook good ole’ scrambled eggs for breakfast in cool café Smak.
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Caramelised onion
15ml oil
1 onion sliced
15 ml balsamic
5 g sugar

2 button mushroom – sliced in half 
2 portabellini mushroom – sliced in half
40g shemiji – whole
20g butter 
80ml cream
Salt and pepper

2 eggs
1/2 tsp butter
20ml cream 

2 x slices rye toast
2 tbsp cream cheese
Chives cut 2cm in length 
grated parmesan

Add oil to saute and throw in the sliced onion and cook for 5 min once coloured add the balsamic and sugar

Sauté for 2 min in till liquid is reduced 

Add the butter to a second pan and add the mushrooms

Sauté for 2/3 min until mushrooms are slightly cooked and butter has browned 

Add the seasonings and cream and reduce down to thick sauce 

Mix up the eggs with butter and cream.

Into a third pan add some oil just to coat the pan. Pour off and excess oil. Add the eggs and scramble trying to move the egg as little as possible

To Assemble:
Toast bread well and spread the two slices of rye toast with cream cheese

Spoon on 1onions

Spoon on the eggs

Spoon on the mushrooms

Sprinkle over the chives

Grate over parmesan