TikTok user, Michelle. Picture: Instagram
TikTok user, Michelle. Picture: Instagram

TikTok user causes uproar with ‘British eggs’ recipe

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jun 24, 2020

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TikTok user, Michelle has once again outraged social media users with a strange recipe for "British eggs", using whipped cream, sugar and the microwave to make her eggs. 

This comes after she went viral for posting a recipe for 'British tea' that angered the British people. 

Now, she is back with the tutorials, showing people how she prepares a lovely bowl of "British eggs". 

In the video, she uses eggs, salt, pepper, sugar, and whipped cream to make the popular breakfast dish. 

"So first you want to get your eggs out of the fridge, then you want to crack them, put them in a bowl, add a little salt, add a little pepper, add a little sugar, add a little whipped cream,” she says on the video. "Whisk it together, put them in the microwave, set it for two minutes." 

To no surprise, users are once again outraged at her unique culinary methods. 

“Surely this is a joke. This is not real”, said one TikTok user. 

“She's doing this on purpose now”, added another. 

“Not one part of this is making British eggs. They don't go in the fridge and you don’t put sugar in them”, a third wrote.

In her previous tea making tutorial that angered many people, Michelle boiled a large pot of cold water on the stove, and then added only two teabags, before piling it with sugar and adding more cold tap water and refrigerating it. 

Do we just wonder what’s next?

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