Get kneading and bake your own bread - pexels
Since I can remember, my mom baked bread with no bread maker and just a whole lot of elbow grease.

She still does, but I have yet to pluck up the courage to do the same. The combination of flour and yeast frightens me, because the entire bread making process depends on a good rise.

Even the air temperature in the kitchen plays it's part in whether you get a good rise or end up with a flat bread.

I've been scouring the internet for advice and confidence to start my bread making journey, but I have yet to grab a bag of flour and start.

Bread and rolls is a staple in my home, and I do need to start kneading my own dough and baking my own bread. The idea of getting started is kept alive by the fact that it's a baking skill I would be able to experiment with and one day even make my own rolls and ciabata.

These videos did help me and I'm sure it can kick start or inspire your bread journey as well.