Picture: Instagram.
Picture: Instagram.

WATCH: TikToker’s ’revolutionary’ way to eat a wrap goes viral

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Jan 12, 2021

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Wraps are the perfect any-time snack because they take very little effort to throw together.

However, there is always the tricky matter of trying to ensure the delicious fillings don’t fall on to your lap after one bite, or escape their tortilla swaddle whilst toasting on the pan.

Fortunately, the video sharing app, TikTok, has once again come to our rescue with a solution that ensures every bite is perfect and none of the fillings fall out. The hack was first brought to the app’s attention by an at-home chef with the user name @cookingwithayeh. Calling the method “revolutionary” she started off with a tortilla base that she cut half way down the middle.

Thereafter she added lettuce, pickled red onion, juicy tomatoes, shredded cheese and crispy tofu, finished with a drizzle of sauce. The magic happened after dividing the ingredients into their own individual quadrants of the wrap which she then folded over three times, forming the perfect pocket to hold everything together. Once toasted, she bit into it with the most satisfying crunch.

The video has since gone viral across TikTok with over 5 million views. It’s been adapted by many home cooks and bloggers, with sushi, dessert and even pizza versions making the rounds.

If you’re a health nut, or are simply looking to eat a little leaner in the new year, then you’ll love the lean and green version, which swops the tortilla for a broad leaf of lettuce. The best part about this hack is that anything can be used as the base including chapatis, crepes and even rice paper. The fillings can also range from sweet to savoury with saucy marinara, mozzarella and pepperoni to hazelnut spread, bananas and even marshmallows featuring.

Watch how to make the viral wraps at home:

Crispy tofu wrap


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Pizza wrap


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