Potato noodle Mac & Cheese - pic supplied
This is not your mom's Mac & Cheese! That's the best way to describe this dish. 

It tastes as good at it looks and I was not quite sure about the potato chip topping as I crumbled it onto the dish.

Chef Rikku Ó Donnchü is a Michelin Star trained chef and a finalist from the UK's Masterchef, so he can be trusted in the kitchen. Chef Rikku teamed up with Lays to experiment with the Italian Cheese Gratin Flavour chip and the Mac & Cheese dish was born.

The crunch and flavour of the chip isn't lost once the dish is placed in the oven, in fact it has a great crunch and familiar taste. So if you wanted to trick your family you could easily try out this recipe and they'd struggle to guess it's potato chips you've added into the mix.

At your first attempt I'd recommend not substituting the potato noodles because it's part of the uniqueness of this recipe.