Poached eggs. Picture: Facebook
Poached eggs. Picture: Facebook

Woman reveals the secret to perfect poached eggs

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jan 19, 2021

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As far as breakfast goes, it does not get much better than a perfectly cooked egg on toast alongside an ice-cold juice or a hot cup of coffee.

But making the perfect egg, with the perfect yolk, can be a challenge for many people who keep wondering what cooking method is best to achieve it.

Now a home cook has taken to Facebook to reveal how she makes perfect eggs, opting to use a pie maker instead of the traditional stove-top methods.

The woman also reveals exactly how long you should cook them for.

Posting in an Australian Facebook group called Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas, the woman said the pie maker gives her eggs the perfect consistency.

Posting pictures of the cooking hack in action, she wrote: "There's really no other way to cook them! Cook for five minutes for soft [eggs] or seven minutes for hard."

If you like your eggs soft and runny, she suggests leaving the lid of the pie maker open while cooking, but to pull it down for hard eggs.

The result of the dish looks tasty with an oozing, runny yolk and perfectly poached whites.

Facebook users thanked the mum for the clever hack and admitted that they had never thought of the alternative cooking method. Another user said she had tried cooking her eggs the same way, and was "very pleased" with how they turned out.

If you would like to try another method, published author Sheri Kay on Livestrong suggests you poach eggs by simmering them in water after removing them from the shell.

Kay says no extra fat is necessary, so poached eggs have the same nutritional value as hard-boiled eggs.

Serve the eggs over 100-percent whole-grain toast or on top of cooked green vegetables, such as asparagus, to add more vitamins, minerals and fibre to your egg dish.

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