Would you eat a green banana 'sausage'? Picture: Twitter.
Would you eat a green banana 'sausage'? Picture: Twitter.

Would you eat a green banana 'sausage'?

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jan 18, 2021

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A new year comes with many resolutions, and for most people, it’s signing up for a healthy lifestyle or maintaining it.

The interesting thing about the start-of-the-year health-craze is seeing people trying all sorts of weird and wonderful things in order to be healthier.

We have seen people trying the raw food diet, where one eats only uncooked plant-based foods; we have seen pepper sandwiches that were labelled the “coolest thing ever”; we have seen the vegan sausage launched by one of the UK’s largest bakery chains, Greggs; and we have seen the “green boerewors”, which are green herbs and vegetables that have been stuffed in sausage casings.

But creating green banana sausage?

I don’t know how to feel about it, and neither do Twitter users.

Earlier this week, food blog Soweto Food and Lifestyle posted the creation on Twitter with the caption, “Green Banana Sausages, made with green bananas cooked in coconut milk, onion, garlic, scallion, thyme, pepper, and spices until thick creamy.”

This left many tweeps confused, calling it “abominable” and “forcing things”.

@SechogelaPhadim wrote: “I don't understand how someone who doesn't want to eat meat would want their food to resemble meat. What is the point of being vegan if you will be spending your time creating meals that look like what you 'hate'?”

@Kholofelokim said: “If forcing were people, it would be vegans.”

@SneKhumaloSA said that if she would bit into a milky banana sausage, she would fight everybody.

Experts agree that more people are adopting vegan, vegetarian and plant-based lifestyles as their awareness of healthier dietary options and their cognisance of valuing life in general increases.

What we would eat though is plantain curry served with basmati or jasmine rice. Now that's a vegan meal that doesn't offend anyone. We suggest that they take green bananas and use them for a delicious vegan plantain curry. They will never look back.

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