TOP ATTRACTION: A whole lot of beef for mains.
A DECENT meal at a wine estate is often an afterthought when the focus is on the wine list.

Durbanville Hills has really made an effort with its summer menu this year, with carefully selected ingredients and dishes for a tasty lunch or dinner from starters to mains.

The fish of the day was yellowtail, which I and my dining partner gave a miss and opted rather for the beef and salmon dishes respectively.

The seared salmon came with onion spread, broccoli and almonds but it was the lemon bearnaise and asparagus that was the highlight. There were no regrets with the salmon dish, with my partner describing it as “perfectly done” and appreciating the waiter’s suggestion of having the salmon medium and seared on both sides.

The inside of the meat was tender and flavourful, all courtesy of the bearnaise.

The beef dish came with sirloin and braised short rib. It is actually quite a generous portion and you’re left wondering if the short rib was even a necessary addition.

Dessert is as flavourful and the options are varied. 

The poached pear is a good way to end the meal on not too sweet a note. The profiteroles have a dulce de leche cream and are perfect if you’re looking for a real sweet shot before you leave the dinner table.

But at the end of the day you’re at one of the best wine estates in the region and it’s the grapes that steal the show. 

If you want to splash the cash, then order a bottle of the new Durbanville Hills Tangram (R995). 

Its described as a “full bodied and rich with Christmas fruit cake and sweet spice flavour notes”. 

It’s a great signature wine but if you are on a budget, then consider the Rhinofields collection with its easy sipping sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, shiraz, merlot and pinotage. Durbanville Hills Winery is on Tygerberg Valley Road, Cape Farms, Cape Town.

Trading hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, Saturdays 10am to 3pm and Sundays 11am to 3pm.

Call (021) 558 1300 for details.