Owner of Floozies Flip and Dip issues apology, changes restaurant name again

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Sep 8, 2020

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The owner of a Cape Town restaurant which was initially called Floozies Flip and Dip has issued an official apology after coming under fire for using the derogatory term for sexually active women.

The burger and pizza restaurant, situated in Kloof street, then changed its name to Flip and Dip after the outcry on social media, but has now rebranded once again under the name The Wolf House.

“I understand that selecting the name Floozies was in bad taste, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to not only the women in my life, but also to the women of Cape Town and South Africa”, said owner Douw Krugmann in an official statement.

Krugmann is also the MD of the Cape Town Fish Market franchise.

In response to the outcry as South Africa observed Women’s Month, Krugmann added that is was never his intention to offend anyone.

“The women of our country are exceptional, resilient, driven and strong to name but a few qualities, and they deserve better,” he said.

Krugmann said that in an effort to bring attention to gender-based violence in the country, he will be donating to shelters that help victims of GBV.

Among one of the complaints was the director of the Fire Tribe, Caitlin Louise, who said the more he saw that name the more offensive it sounded.

Louise also mentioned that the restaurant's liquor licence was to be granted on condition that they did not use the name but they went ahead with it.

In the meantime, the Western Cape Liquor Authority said it was looking into the matter in response to the restaurant acquiring its liquor licence under the Floozies Flip and Dip name.

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