Taking place in Glenwood’s Bulwer Park on Saturday, February 03. Imbumba Fiesta compromises a free summer themed market, food stalls, an open mic session and a ticketed sundowner concert.

Imbumba is an isiZulu language name that means “United togetherin one harmony”.  

Project Manager, Sandile Sithole said the idea of Imbumba as a festival of its own is inspired by eThekwini Municipality Vision 2030, and that is to make eThekwini the most caring and liveable place.

As the brain behind this long journey (Imbumba Fiesta) I believe that this vision should be shared and exercised at grass level to revive families, businesses, arts, culture and recreation, education at all levels, health, politics and justice, and that is what inspired this initiative.

There will be shisanyama at the Imbuba Fiesta at Bulwer Park in Durban, on Saturday, February 3

We decided to include food as part of the festival because the food industry and market is highly competitive for people at ground level who only make ends meet from "amagwinya" and wors rolls from a street corner. Also, we included food to express the diversity and lifestyles of different cultures and colours of Durban . And of course what better way to meet and get to know your neighbours than over a meal in a public park on a Saturday? ”, he said.

Music group, Thee Legacy, will be performing at the Imbuba Fiesta at Bulwer Park in Durban, on Saturday, February 3

“We want this to be a typical old-school community market- so the food will reflect that: fabulous shwarmas, wors rolls, Thai food, shisanyama- all family friendly budget-friendly food- all by local vendors and micro-entrepreneurs.  We are all about community- so there won’t be coffee on sale so that the local coffee shops are not excluded and are supported”, said Sithole.

Entry to the event is free. The music concert will take place from 3pm until 7pm in Bulwer Park, Glenwood.  Tickets are R80 for adults and R20 for children and are available at the gate.