Looking for a new taste in food or a relaxed place to chill at in Durban? Look no further as there are exciting restaurants which have newly opened in town. PICTURE: Sibusiso Ndlovu
So sometimes we think that a certain type of establishment is over-saturated, but not shisa nyama. It's clearly the gift that keeps giving. 

The recently opened 031 Shisa nyama has some serious street cred. It's  got a good vibe, and it's a great spot to chill at if you want some  to enjoy great shisa nyama and sundowners, while listening to good music too. 

Situated in Berea, 031 Shisanyama has attracted a lot of people who have always had that shisa nyama craving but could not afford to go to townships to feed their cravings.

After having tasted their meat, I think I will be going to the township less now as I just got hooked on their tasty meat. It is very delicious and tender, from their pork, sausage, steak, liver, ribs and brisket. The portions are served with a side pap, ujeqe or dumpling with chakalaka. 

When you enter you just see a normal restaurant with some classy grey leather couches until you set your eyes at the till point where you will find a display of the meat. And if you don’t like chilling inside there is a also an outdoor area with chairs and tables made of wood, that’s when you can actually feel that you are at a shisa nyama joint, it feels more like a casual family restaurant.

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