Twitter users came guns blazing after a user shared her disappointment about the newly opened restaurant, Buns Out. Picture from Instagram (mapsmaponyane_

On Tuesday, Twitter users came out guns blazing after a user by the name @Forever_Fifi shared her disappointment about the newly opened restaurant, Buns Out. 

Buns Out is a burger joint situated in Linden, Johannesburg, that is founded by actor and television presenter, Maps Maponyane. 

In a Twitter post, @Forever_Fifi said people really “hyped Buns Out” as she did not enjoy the food. 

“Yall really hyped Buns Out, I didn’t enjoy the food, the burger we had, had a dry patty, too much stuff (ingredients) going on & you couldn’t taste the flavours yuh ha.a. I didn’t enjoy,” read the post. 

Twitter users came to the defence of the restaurant, saying her tweet was mischievous, and that she just wants to drag the restaurant down. 

@anelisa_tuswa said, “I don't have a problem with the negative review. But I find your approach mischievous. 1, You met @MapsMaponyane , u didn't complain. Then u come here and complain. 2, you started your review with 'yall really hyped buns out'. Your issue was with food. Or the Hype?”. 

@Spesh__ said: “It's okay to have a different opinion and be honest about it. My only issue with this tweet is "y'all hyped Buns Out". If majority people liked Buns Out, they can say it... it's not about "hype" like it was a promo of some sort”. 

Another user @clifford_bembe said: “I knew from "y'all hyped buns out" that this tweet wasn't about shit,just another black person trying to drag a black brother down,take this level of energy to McDonald's or chicken licken”. 

In a few hours, the tweet reached Maponyane who in a quoted tweet appreciated the patron's honest feedback and apologised to her. 

“Hey Fifi, I'm sorry that you didn't have a great experience. We try hold a high standard, & I apologise that we clearly weren't able to maintain it with your meal. Highly appreciate the honest feedback & hope we'll get a second chance to impress.

P.S. Nice meeting you today,” he said.