A folded pizza filled with ricotta fior di latte beef salami and black pepper topped with fior dib latte and Italian tomatoes. Picture supplied.
A folded pizza filled with ricotta fior di latte beef salami and black pepper topped with fior dib latte and Italian tomatoes. Picture supplied.

Hot out of the oven: Dolci Bar & Pizzeria

By Lebohang Mosia Time of article published Nov 20, 2019

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Dolci Bar & Pizzeria is the brainchild of chef Jackie Righi-Boyd and her husband Clayton Boyd, owners of Craighall’s Dolci Café (situated alongside Dolci Bar & Pizzeria), which is regarded as one of Johannesburg’s best Italian restaurants. 

The pair is working in collaboration with the team behind O’ver Pizza, that includes Marco Torrente, Lisa Stoffela (Miss South Africa 2019 finalist) and self-taught baker and chef Hamed Youssef and Reem Khamis.

In local Neapolitan dialect “O’ver” is used to refer to a person, place or thing as legitimate, true, the real deal. In this case, it refers to the authenticity of the pizza served by Dolci and O’ver and genuine passion to share this experience with pizza fans while also giving customers a taste of something totally different to current offerings.

Owner, Lisa Stoffela tucks in. Picture supplied

Their aim is to keep it simple but with something to suit every taste. 

There are the classics – the traditional staples such as the Antica Margherita (fior di latte mozzarella, Italian tomatoes and basil, R110), Diavola Piccante (beef salami with hot sauce R120) and the Contadina (olives, mushrooms, red pepper and ricotta, R120). 

Gourmet pizzas include the Calzone (fold-over, R130), the Francese (smoked mozzarella, crisp lamb bacon, caramelised onion and berry balsamic reduction, R140) and the O’ver (ricotta mousse, smoked salmon, lemon zest and fresh fior di latte, R140).

Bar snacks – including fried chicken wings, pork ribs, crispy cauliflower florets and crispy chicken – are also available, as well as starters from next door’s Dolci Café. There is also a range of refreshing cocktails from Prosecco Negroni to Strawberry Mojito.

Righi-Boyd is delighted with the extended offering: “We have always been proud of our Italian heritage and food. When we originally opened back in 2015, we started as a small Italian pasticceria (pastry café) and have expanded over the years with a full array of Italian dishes. 

"However, we never served pizza! When the shop next door became available it was logical to include this in our repertoire. O’ver brings that traditional feel we love, as Marco Torrente was born and raised in Napoli!”

Owners, Lisa Stoffela, Clayton Boyd, Jackie Righi-Boyd Hamed Youssef and Marco Torrente. Picture supplied.

“Our toppings are all made in-house using mostly local ingredients. Only our tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are imported because nothing else gives our pizzas that true taste of Italy. We chose our suppliers with care, and continuously experiment to deliver a menu that reflects South Africa but still stays true to the institution that is authentic Neapolitan pizza,” says Stoffela: 

Adds Youssef: “We use modern techniques and local ingredients to achieve the traditional measures that define Neapolitan pizza. Our dough is naturally leavened using stoneground flour for 24 to 48 hours. The result is an airy, easily digestible pizza that cooks in 90 seconds.”

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