Catch Fish Grill specialises in grilled seafood and sushi dishes with a modern twist.
There was a time in South Africa when the mention of sushi elicited blank stares. Two decades later, sushi is not only readily available at the hundreds of seafood restaurants around the country, it’s become the food of choice for health-conscious locals wanting to get their daily dose of protein and omega-3 oils without the kilojoules. It’s now considered one of the most expensive cuisines in the world.

Catch Fish Grill is a franchise that opened its doors in 2015. They specialise in grilled seafood and sushi dishes combined with a contemporary dining experience. Catch is known for its unique product offerings, including signature sushi platters, coal fish braai seafood, vegan and vegetarian dishes, dim sum, and an eclectic range of fish-bowl cocktails.

For starters, I would suggest you try the crispy duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce and rock shrimp tempura with their signature spicy mayo. Both these side dishes are flavour-packed and make a great, tasty not-so-filling snack. The most enigmatic member of all the mini edibles on their menu is the dim sum. These nuggets of fragrant fillings are made to perfection. Expect flavours like smoked salmon, cream cheese and chilli; spicy beef and spring onion; prawn, cream cheese and edamame and for the flexitarians, butternut, spinach and cream cheese.

The main courses feature a salmon or tuna poké bowl with crispy rice, avocado, edamame, chopped nori, wasabi, ginger, seven spice, sesame seeds, soy sriracha and honey dressing. Poké bowls are ubiquitous in Hawaii. They’re akin to deconstructed sushi, and are this season’s hottest food trend. If this doesn’t interest you, there are meat and poultry dishes that you will like, such as the fillet teriyaki and baby chicken grilled and basted in a mild peri-peri sauce.

Poké bowl with crispy rice.

And the sushi? It’s skilfully prepared and given the utmost attention to detail showcasing a precise, professional, and modern take on seafood.