Mini cheesecake from Goddess Cafe. Picture from Instagram
Mini cheesecake from Goddess Cafe. Picture from Instagram

Goddess Cafe revives the roadhouse style of dining

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Jun 9, 2020

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Famously known as the ‘pink cafe’, Goddess Cafe which is situated in the heart of Waterkloof and Brooklyn Pretoria, has revived the concept of a roadhouse due to coronavirus. 

Roadhouses were very popular in the past decades when it comes to providing food and for people to lodge. At a later stage, roadhouses started serving food to people right in their car, which is what the Goddess Cafe is now doing. 

In an interview on The Money Show on Radio 702 with host Bruce Whitfield this week, owner of the restaurant, Anelda Martin said that they have a restaurant and a coffee shop and they are hanging in there trying to make things work. So she came up with the idea of a roadhouse - meaning that everybody can sit in their cars and come as a family, get their trays on the side of their windows and enjoy a restaurant experience.

“We are trying very hard to bring experience from within into the car. I remember going as a kid and it was always a novel experience, always a feel good. So considering where we are now with Covid-19 I don't think people would go anywhere now for a treat - and a lot of people I think are dying to bring their kids for nostalgic reasons,” said Martin. 

Call: 012 534 3554

Below are other roadhouses that you can also visit. 

Casbah Roadhouse

Casbah Roadhouse is situated in Alberton and Benoni. They are open for deliveries and takeaways. The restaurant offers breakfast, salads, fish dishes, burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas. 

Call:  071 240 6736 

The Fireplace Roadhouse

The Fireplace Roadhouse is a traditional roadhouse that was inspired by its sister company “Fireplace Roadhouse” in Boksburg. The restaurant is open for collection and deliveries on the Uber Eats or the Mr D app for the 𝗕oksburg branch only. What makes the restaurant even more interesting is that you can call, collect, and stay for a movie. 

Call: 011 915 4548 

Burger Box Roadhouse 

At the Burger Box Roadhouse, you can sit and eat in their parked vehicles in the traditional roadhouse manner or food can also be ordered to go, and taken home safely packed in their specially designed take-out packaging. 

Call: 011 740 1199

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