NKONZO'S KITCHEN ( 275 Dr Yusuf Dadoo St, Durban Central)

With just a few weeks in business the restaurant has already gained a following. It's always buzzing during the week and weekends, it's really important to come as early as possible to get a spot. Is it that good, or do people like the owner? I  wanted to believe they have just been at the right place at the right time.

Nkonzo's Kitchen this afternoon, once again thanks for your support

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When I visited Nkonzo’s Kitchen it was before lunch time but it was already teaming with people from all walks of life. From business people, Durban socialites and students, it’s a proper spot for anyone who likes traditional African food, stews and fast food meals. 

The owner of the place, Siyabonga Zikode is very hands-on, making sure that the service runs smoothly and quickly. Nkonzo’s Kitchen mostly sells traditional African food, chicken and beef curries served with rice or uphuthu. There's also breakfast. 

I ordered uphuthu and beef served with salads and it only took 3-minutes for my order to arrive. I did expect the service to be quick, especially with the owner present, but it was still a shock to be served so soon. 
The portions? Enough to feed an army. Make sure you come with an empty stomach as their portions are really generous. 


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Besides the service and the portions, what I loved about the restaurant is that it closes at 11pm everyday, which is very rare for a restaurant in the CBD. It’s clearly going to be popular for people who stay at the CBD who are always lazy to cook.