Checkers Simple Truth vs Woolworths' Plant Based vegan curry.
I've been vegan for 22 days and one of the meals I was afraid to give up was a good chicken curry. 

Checkers and Woolworths recently launched their vegan and vegetarian products, Simply Truth and Plant-Based, respectively.  

The plant-based movement has become very popular as South Africans become more health conscious.

Having written several articles about the lifestyle choice, I decided to go vegan for the month of November which is also Wolrd Vegan Month. 

The curry lover in me couldn’t wait to try the vegan curry offerings. 

The Woolies vegetable green curry is packaged in a convenient plastic bowl which you can pop in the microwave after removing the film. 

Vegetable green curry Picture: C&D Heierli Photography
Layered with coconut cream, jasmine rice and too much raw broccoli.

I love broccoli, but I didn’t enjoy it in this dish, which was a pity because I did enjoy the coconut cream and jasmine rice. 

In fact, I would have been fine with just that. It was delicious with a hint of curry and coconut flavours.   

Once that was done I was left with a bowl of raw broccoli. 

I understand the hype around raw food trends, but that’s one diet that I’m in no rush for.  

Last week my colleague surprised me with a Simple Truth roti and curry. 

Just like the Woolies curry, this meal is also conveniently packaged in a plastic container that’s safe to put in the microwave.  

This coconut veg curry and roti comes a medley of veggies which includes roasted butternut, cauliflower, green beans and carrots in a coconut curry sauce with two rotis. 

Coconut veg curry and roti.
The rotis are separate by the lid so you can choose to have your curry with or without it. 

You can also heat the rotis in the microwave for a few minutes or fry it in a pan which is what I did.

The curry was simply delicious. I just thought the roti was a bit too small thankfully there was two.  

The vegetables were cooked the way I like it and went very well with the sauce. 

I would definitely have the Simple Truth curry again. 

Try it for yourself and see which curry wins your approval.