You're aware that it raises blood pressure, causes obesity and heart disease but did you know it salt does have quite a few benefits?

Speaking to dietitian, nutritionist and spokesperson of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Isabel Maples, she points out that there are some advantages of salt that we often overlook:

Leavening - in yeast breads, sugar helps the yeast grow, and salt keeps it in check. This balance is important to get the right leavening results in baking.

Nutrient - though sodium and chloride that make up salt are essential nutrients, salt can also be s source of iodine, which can be added to salt to make this nutrient more available in areas where iodine stores in the soil are minimal.

Certain cheeses has just the right amount of salt - pic supplied.

Cheese making - salt is essential for cheese making. It helps in ripening cheese but also it’s needed for the texture, flavour, quality, shelf-life and safety of cheese.

Food preservation - salt keeps food safe, like cured meats or salt in canning. With a salt water solution called a brine, salt draws water out of the food, so there’s less moisture to grow food spoilage microbes.