KZN restaurants are considering the idea of incorporating sardines on their menu. Picture: Pexels.

Once a year the sardines make their way to KwaZulu-Natal shores. 

Those lucky enough to have caught them either prepare them at home or sell them at street corners or markets for next to nothing prices. But the seasonal fish doesn't often feature in restaurants’ menus. Popular Durban chefs weigh in on whether it should be served or not at restaurants. 

Adrian Lottering, the chef at Market Restaurant, said he is considering adding the sardines to his menu. He is currently playing around with a few ideas. 

“Incorporating sardines into the menu is something restaurants should consider as it has the potential to do well. 

“However, they need to take into consideration that sardines are an acquired taste and require a long prep process,”  said Lottering. 

Durban chef, Luke Hagger, said if incorporated in menus, the sardines should be served grilled with a lemon or peri-peri style sauce. 

As a sardine fan himself, Hagger believes that Portuguese restaurants will draw a crowd if they add the small fish to their menu. 

“There is a demand for sardine dishes by dinners and can be served either as a main and starter.

“However, restaurants hoping to serve it on their menu should evaluate whether this would do well with their diners,”  he said.