Luscious Vegetarian by Sonia Cabano and Jade de Waal
Luscious Vegetarian by Sonia Cabano and Jade de Waal

Scrumptious vegetarian cookbook - review

By Olga Accolla Time of article published Dec 31, 2012

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Review: Luscious Vegetarian

By Sonia Cabano and Jade de Waal (Struik Lifestyle, R225)

The cover picture of this cookbook looked so scrumptious that I thought it wise to review it immediately after a hearty Sunday lunch so as not to be left drooling.

However, I have to admit that my plan failed dismally. No matter where I opened the book, be it the quick or light meals sections, the feast or relax sections, not to mention the bakes section, my salivary glands went into overdrive. The recipes cater for anything from a nibble to a sumptuous feast, including bakes and desserts.

I am not a huge fan of meat, but I am also not a vegetarian. However, with this book at hand, I could quite easily make the transition to vegetarian. What is appealing about the recipes is that the ingredients are all available locally and they are mostly quite familiar.

Recipes are generally easy to follow.

The meat lovers among us need not despair either because many of the recipes could also be used as accompaniment to a meat dish. So families that are a combination of vegetarian and meat eaters would be able to put the recipes in this book to good use, too.

This book is available in Afrikaans as Smullekker Vegetaries. – Daily News

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