Garnishes help enhance the appearance and the flavour of the food, but do we really need them in vetkoeks? Picture: Twitter.

I have been following the food business for quite some time now but one thing I have never seen in the business is garnished vetkoeks.

 I might be left behind, but is it really a thing? 

I am asking because what I recently saw this week on Twitter really shocked me.

A user by the name @Shoun_B posted a picture of already made vetkoeks that were packed in a small dish and garnished with parsley. 

I would have understood if the vetkoeks were cut open into half then sprinkled with parsley on the inside, but what I saw left me with many questions. From my understanding what you can garnish is what you will be serving with the vetkoek, which are things like mince, fish, cheese and fried chips for example, but not the vetkoek itself. 

I also understand that garnishes help enhance the appearance and the flavour of the food, that they can also add additional nutrition value to the food, and that they are a powerful tool that you can use to make a simple dish stand out, but certain foods I believe do not need to be garnished. 

Yes, the visual appeal of food has a major impact on our appetite. It is our eyes that make us either want to taste the dish or skip it. The better a dish looks visually, the more eager you are to taste it, but I would definitely skip vetkoeks that are garnished from the outside. 

Vetkoeks are unique and are supposed to be made fluffy and simple then served or stuffed with any side of your choice. 

That said, with new innovations taking mainstream it does not shock me that much. I mean, people can do anything to be trendsetters.