Originally from Switzerland, chef Markus Banziger is now based in Durban. He shares a recipe for a Scandinavian dish, with a South African twist! 

He has put together a tasty prawn salad: “I’ve added a kind of a Durban twist with the papaya, ginger and lime I love this salad as it is so simple but still impressive. The dressing has an element of sour but is refined with crème fraiche and a little honey. It is naturally, beautiful and tasty!” he said.


75 gm Steamed Prawns (cut and deveined)

80 gm Peeled Papaya cut into chunks

20 gm Red Onion sliced

30 gm Celery cut diagonally

5 gm Fresh Ginger cut into fine strips (julienne)

1/4 of a Lime into slices

35 gm Delicate assorted lettuce leaves

5 gm Rocket leaves

35 gm Iceberg lettuce

1 ea stalk of spring onion whole

1 ea Crostini stick or puff pastry twirl

Fresh soft garden herbs (dill, fennel, basil)


20 ml Cider vinegar

50 ml Sunflower oil or if preferred olive oil

To taste salt from the mill

To taste black pepper from the mill

5 ml honey

45 ml Crème fresh

5 gm chopped fresh garden herbs


Wash and clean prawns, prepare basic stock with end cuts of onion, ginger, lime, spring onion,salt and pepper. Bring to boil and add prawns, reduce heat immediately. Do not boil but simmer for 3 to 4 minutes the most

Remove from stock and cool

Wash all salad ingredients, place on clean kitchen towel,

Peel and cut papaya into small wedges

Cut ginger into fine strips

Slice celery finely diagonally


First place iceberg lettuce into serving dish

Top up with a variety of delicate salad leaves and rocket

Top with the rest of the salad ingredients (kind of randomly, there should not be any pattern)

Top salad with cooled steamed and peeled prawns

Prepare dressing with all ingredients, whisk firmly, ensuring all components are well mixed

Drizzle dressing with a small spoon all over the salad, ensuring that prawns are well covered

Complete with fresh herbs and a grissini or puff pastry stick.