Hyaluronic acid bowl. Picture from Facebook (The Skin Co)
Hyaluronic acid bowl. Picture from Facebook (The Skin Co)

The world's first skin food and health bar opens in Cape Town

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 13, 2019

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Early this year, The Skin Co opened its doors in Cape Town — it's an ingestible cosmetic health food bar and skin care store.

The Skin Co has three main business. There's a restaurant that serves gourmet plant-based, seasonal and locally sourced fairtrade dishes that all include one or more cosmetic ingestibles like collagen, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol which are food grade and safe for human consumption.

The second sub brand is ‘cold pressed skin’ which brings food and science together to create active superfood skincare range suitable for all skin types and lastly the ‘instinctive by nature’ which is a natural skincare and beauty collection made with advanced natural and organic formulas. All ingredients are natural, raw, vegan and cruelty-free.

Collagen Bowl. Picture from Facebook (The Skin Co)

Speaking to the founder, Devlin Perry, he said all food and drink items on their menu are skincare and body active.  

“We have set out to inform people about the importance of healthy living with a holistic approach; incorporating eating and skincare into a cohesive routine. Our menu serves up a delicious variety of plant-based food and cold-pressed juices that have been supercharged with skin loving actives”

“We are continuously experimenting with new recipes and flavour combinations to keep our menu fresh and exciting. As the seasons change, so do we; we are currently working on this year’s winter menu which will offer warming and nutritional food from natural and sustainable sources”, said Perry.

Asked about the design arrangement, he said they set out to create an innovative zone, seamlessly incorporating their skincare products into the health bar or restaurant concept.

“Our aim is to have a space where our food and our products compliment each other and showcase the best of both,'' said Perry.

The Skin Co is situated at 47 Main Road in Green Point and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am until 5 pm.

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