Good Boy Dog Beers.
Drinking beer with your friends is a human bonding activity, but who said it can’t be done with a man’s best friend too?

A U.S based couple has launched a line of beer for dogs which doesn’t exactly dance on a human palate because of a complete lack of sodium.

According to a U.S publication, Houston Chronicle, Megan and Steve Long wanted to create a new product that mixed two of their favourite things on the planet - beer and dogs.

When they tell friends and customers about their newest venture, Good Boy Beer, more often than not, they are met with the same questions.

One: Is it really for dogs? (Yes)

Two: Is it alcoholic? (No)

Three: Can i drink it? (um, sure?)

Couple, Megan and Steve Long have launched Good Boy Dog Beer, a port, chicken or vegetable based beverage for dogs.
The publication reported that they are not pretending to be the first people with the idea.

There’s been a scatter plot of breweries offering pints for pups for more than a decade now, but they do seem to be the first in Houston.

They also reported that within weeks their beer had been launched, they were available in fifteen bars in the city and they are getting requests to ship cans across the country.

Steve told the publication that everyone likes the idea of having a beer with their dog and they had no idea it would take off so quickly as the entire idea began as a way to fix a problem in their home.

Megan said it all started with their oldest dog, their Rottweiler, Rocky.

“Rocky started having digestive issues as he progressed from middle age to his current status as a senior dog. We had to change up his food. He was having allergic reactions, and his body was just kind of changing into an old man’s, so we had to adjust to it. We talked to our vet, and our vet said the best, easiest thing to do was to just start making his own food and treats”

“We were just shocked at how many things dogs can eat, and the good side effects of it, like what enhances their metabolism or their fur. So for the last few years, while we’ve been making this for him, filled notebooks with good and bad things for dogs, and the purposes. Like, turmeric helps their digestion. Ginger is good for their fur, and coat shininess,” she told the publication.

And it didn’t take the couple long for them to start brewing the broth into a beer.