Tripe stew.
We all have looked at some food and with disgusted expressions we say: "I will never eat that." 

But what if it turns out that the food we think looks gross is actually delicious?

I remember when I was in primary school and coming across ox tripe and thinking it was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. Why would anyone eat something that looks like a towel?    I shuddered at the thought of even touching it, now imagine eating it? 
It wasnt until my mother forced me to try it did I realise I was missing out on something that tasted really good. Sure, it's an acquired  taste, but when it's prepared right (like my grandmother and mother cook it) then it's the best thing. 

So why do we think food that looks ugly is not delicious? 

I have had some really awful, but beautiful looking food before and it's because of that experience that has made me 'relax' my standards and give every food a chance because like tripe, you never know if it tastes great or not. 

Here are some other foods that may look terrible but are actually delicious:

Egusi Soup

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I've become a 'don't knock it until you've tried it' person and that's because my experience with tripe left me feeling a bit stupid. 
The same with egusi soup. It's not the most appetizing dish, but it is delicious and when you have had it, you understand why West Africans love it so much. 

Broccoli Soup

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Be honest. You also don't think brocolli should be made into a soup. It's green, looks like it tastes vile and it's the go-to green food to start a healthy diet. But it's actually really delicious and very versatile. It's all about making sure the flavours work together to bring out the best of the brocolli. 

Devilled Eggs

'Yuck' was my first expression when I came across devilled eggs for the first time. I don't even like eggs and so seeing all that yolk made into a pulp and then piped into the boiled egg white did not even look like something I would ever ingest. It turns out I was playing myself. It's now the way I prefer eating my eggs. Plus it allows me to play around with flavours and can add what I want into the yolk and then have fun piping it back into the egg. 

For the longest time, I hated avocado. I still have to douse it with what feels like hundreds of spices and Worcestershire sauce to try and enjoy it. So guacamole was a no-go to me, until a few years ago when I was at an event and there was nothing to eat besides guac and doritos. Turns out I was missing out on something amazing and it's led to me having a new found appreciation for all things avocado.