Buying lunch everyday can be expensive but we do it anyway, so I asked the Executive Culinary Artist at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, Wayland Green to share with us some healthy tips for cheap lunches. 

  • Think fresh – moving away from processed goods and thinking organic is always good. Having a lunch box full of fruit and vegetables is not only healthy but will also keep you energized thru the day.
  • Think last night’s left over’s – if you have left over chicken or pieces of grilled fish why not turn that into a salad as opposed to making a whole new meal for lunch, just recycle.
  • Think sharing – have a chat to your work mates and suggest each bringing something and sharing it – one brings salad leaves, one tuna, and one health bread for example. It will be easier on your pocket so you won’t have to spend much money on having a meal for 1 where as you can cut costs and all can eat.
  • Thing portioning - when purchasing groceries like meats and vegetables why not portion them to each meal seating. This will cut out the wastage of throwing away stuff that has been cooked two days ago and also will keep you good fresher for longer.
  • Think grilled – oven grilled your vegetables and proteins as opposed to frying or stewing then. Its healthier and cheaper because you use less oils and spices in than you would use to stew.
  • Think saving – make lunch for one and not three, people tend to make more than they require for lunch thus costing more and causing unhealthy eating habits.