The toaster. Picture: Website screenshot
The toaster. Picture: Website screenshot
Shades of toast. Picture: Website screenshot
Shades of toast. Picture: Website screenshot

London - Having to wait by the toaster to ensure it doesn’t burn your bread can slow you down in the morning.

And constantly checking the timer could soon be a thing of the past.

A student has invented a “smart” toaster which cooks the bread to your preferred shade of brown.

Basheer Tome, 21, invented the ‘Hue’ toaster after he got tired of having to watch his bread, only for it to be burned anyway.

The machine uses a colour sensor instead of a timer to keep track of how cooked the toast is.

When a slice of bread is put into the toaster, a screen displays the current colour of the slice.

The user can then choose how brown they want their toast to be.

The toaster uses colour sensors inside to assess both sides of the bread, keeping the heating element on until the toast reaches that exact colour.

Because some breads are darker than others, a ring of lights shows how many minutes it will take.

The toaster, which is made of aluminium, steel and double-paned glass, is currently only a concept design but Mr Tome hopes a manufacturer will soon agree to put it into production.

Mr Tome, who invented the toaster at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, said: “The majority of toasters measure toast based on time, yet with little consistency between different toasters it makes it tricky.

“After a bit of brainstorming I ran into the idea of using colour since that’s normally how people work out how ‘done’ their slice of toast is.” - Daily Mail